Past Projects

Automated Conveyor Merge System

Shipping Sorter

ABB IRB 660 Robotic Pail Palletizer

Convenience Store Distribution

Core Mark International, a distributor of goods to the convenience store industry, needed to increase throughput and accuracy, while reducing operational costs on their order picking and shipping line. As the supplier of automation controls for over 25 years, for all locations coast to coast, Systems Automated had long been a proponent of automating the sequential merging of totes from several picking locations throughout the distribution facility. By placing bar code scanners on each of the incoming lines coupled with the development of +PLUS Merge, Systems Automated was able to maximize throughput, eliminate this repetitive task thus saving payroll costs, and provided a tracking record for order delivery verification. With a ROI of less than 1 year, the original installation 15 years ago proved so successful that it is now the standard for all new distribution centers and has been retrofitted into several existing facilities for Core Mark International.

Retail Distribution

Even though the busy season was rapidly approaching Quicksilver needed to add capacity to the distribution center. Of course keep the system up and running was of paramount importance. Additional storage capacity and sortation as well as additional picking mezzanines were needed immediately. Systems Automated was tasked with the installation of the electrical control devices and wiring throughout the control architecture utilized the Quicksilver is highly sophisticated with both Ethernet and device that networks installed throughout. By utilizing this distributed architecture. The relocation in addition of controls and conveyors minimizes disruption to the existing operation with much of the installation of occurring high up in the air near the distribution center ceiling vigilance towards safety is foremost in everyone’s minds during installation by following the return safety guidelines and installation techniques. The entire installation was performed without injury on time and exceeding expectations of Quicksilver.

Retail Garment Distribution

When JCPenney was ready to perform a major nationwide expansion and modernization, Systems Automated was called upon to make it happen on time and on budget. The original installation for JCPenney consisted of over 2,000′ of case conveyor and over 20 rail conveyors, including the installation of numerous sortation locations. From the existing in building electrical substation through to the connection of the final device Systems Automated performed all of the electrical controls and field wiring. As product mix changed system modifications were required. This work was once again performed by Systems Automated, and as usual the impact on operations was minimized or eliminated so that JCPenney’s was able to continue to service their stores, business as usual.

Retail Garment Distribution

Nordstrom, the world recognized leader in customer service for the retail garment industry, needed a flexible and robust sortation control system for their network of distribution centers. Turning to Systems Automated for a solution, this collaborative effort has proven successful for Nordstrom and has led to several enhancements in the +PLUS SORT and +PLUS REPORT sortation controller. Real time data exchange, customizable reporting and alarming notification are just a few of the benefits being realized at all Nordstrom distribution centers.

Computer Hardware and Software Distribution

Ingram-Micro, the nation’s largest computer hardware and software distributor needed a partner who could respond quickly to this rapidly evolving industry. By teaming with Systems Automated, several distribution centers nationwide were designed and brought on line in 3 years. The flexibility of the original design proved critical as the industry changed from one of fewer large customers to today’s world of internet single item ordering and third party order fulfillment.

Rainbird Sprinkler Manufacturing

When Rainbird needed to increase automation for the assembly of a new line of pop-up sprinklers, they chose to call on Systems Automated. By bringing our material handling expertise to the project we were able to implement improvements that increased throughput and sped up the ROI.

Hunter Commercial Sprinkler Work In Process

The increase volume of parts transfer between manufacturing and assembly required an automated conveyor for consolidation of work in process materials. Maximum space utilization and operator ergonomics was achieved by utilizing automated transfers and zoned conveyor control. Increased throughput and lower labor costs were the result of the approach implemented by Systems Automated.

Cross Dock Distribution

The poorly functioning solution deployed just a few years earlier by another integrator coupled with increased throughput had left Melissa and Doug in a difficult situation. The unique IT requirements for in depth cross checking of every container and order called for a special set of skills and experience. Systems Automated was selected to develop an open solution to the in motion “tunnel” scanning of 4 randomly placed bar codes and carton weighing to be run through a series of QC checks and then sorted to the correct QC or shipping lane. The solution was +PLUS HOST and +PLUS WEIGH implemented on a very tight time schedule and successfully deployed.

Chef Clothing and Uniforms Manufacturing and Distribution Work In Process

When ChefWorks needed to redeploy existing material handling assets with black box proprietary software a key consideration was an open architecture approach to data handling and equipment control. Given that the carousels and inserter/extractors controls were undocumented, the challenge was daunting. Systems Automated accepted the challenge and a solution to utilize all the existing device level components and open conveyor plc controls to run not only the conveyor, but the carousels and inserter/extractors as well. The solution was developed, commissioned and proven. The success of this project has led to follow up automated receiving systems with in motion weighing, scanning and labeling.

Cosmetics Order Processing and Distribution

Philosophy Cosmetics experienced tremendous growth with the addition of large distribution channels. This required a more labor efficient operation while accommodating the increase volume. Implementation was required immediately and Philosophy personnel available to assist in the integration were in short supply. Systems Automated was able to develop and implement an automated weighing, labeling and sortation system, with on site start up achieved in less than 1 week. By utilizing the existing interface software which was in place and familiar to the IT and operations department to create labels, increased work load on the IT department was at an absolute minimum. The easy to use and adapt software has proven to be reliable and flexible, assuring Philosophy has the right system to accommodate their future growth.